An indoor plant business has helped homes to go green thanks to a renewed interest in house plants and their health benefits.

Pure Plants, founded by Julie Barugh from Hexham, has been operating for more than a year but has seen an upsurge in interest since the second lockdown began.

Julie, who tends and raises the plants in her terrace house, puts it down to the benefits plants can bring to health and wellbeing when spending a lot of time indoors.

Whether it is to spruce up an empty windowsill, provide a bit of life to a desk space or for an all-round new hobby, the house plant market and its retailers have experienced a dramatic upsurge.

The first UK lockdown allowed for plant owners to finally give their house plants the care and attention they crave. Weekly watering was replaced with daily diligence to help owners understand the world of plant care on a greater scale.

But there’s also a hidden secret to plants inside your home with health benefits.

Julie said: “Not just beautiful to look at, certain houseplants are very good at removing harmful airborne toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde, common in modern furnishings as NASA research has shown.

“The humble spider plant, one of NASA’s top 10, which I sold out of recently due to high demand, cleans several toxins from the air, but is perhaps best known for decreasing carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide levels. A must have for every home and work space!

“Another great air purifier is Sansevieria or ‘Mother-in-laws tongue’ which releases oxygen at night so is a great one to have in the bedroom when you’re sleeping.”

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that house plants have been the fastest-growing part of the UK plant market in the past 10 years.

Indoor plant sales increased by 14 per cent from 2017 to 2019, according to the Garden Centre Association. “There’s a growing movement towards buying gifts that are good for the environment and will last and a houseplant certainly does that,” Julie added.

She points to the African Milk Tree which can live more than 40 years and grow up to 40ft tall.

“I am striving to be plastic free so my plants come in upcycled ceramic pots with detailed handmade care instructions so even all those self confessed plant killers out there have a chance.”

Pure Plants boasts free delivery to Hexham residents. For more information, visit: