Traffic priority

OVER many years, my father and brother sold cattle and sheep; and so too many farmers. I visit the lovely Hexham three or four times per month.

In July, we got a surprise. The road from the Fell Boundary had all been resurfaced. At last! After hitting and missing many severe potholes; a relief from broken springs and a £180 repair job while on route for dental treatment at Hencoates Surgery in February 2018.

Now the most important area in urgent need is the approaching road from Low Gate down to The Fox junction.

This road has many serious problems, so please can Northumberland County Council discuss this.

So many folk I speak with relate the same.

I remember reading an incident when a trailer was involved near the first traffic lights and someone was killed.

Surely this road is top priority, especially for caravans and motor homes. It is so bumpy and is not a good entrance to this top market town.

In comparison, the county council has built a new wood bridge over the South Tyne. Beautiful stonework and wood steps up to Alston rail track for walkers. The road leading down the country lane is all tarmacked and smooth. For years we have endured an uneven surface – thank you.