A former chairwoman of Wylam parish council has stepped down from her role as parish councillor after more than a decade of service.

At the council’s meeting on November 9 it was revealed that Coun. Anne Francis, who also served as deputy chair, had resigned her post.

As well as her years of service to the village, Anne is also well-known in Wylam as the chairwoman of trustees at Tynedale Hospice at Home.

She is the second former chairman to step down in recent months, after Jos Joures also left.

A spokeswoman for Wylam parish council paid tribute to Anne’s contribution to the village.

The spokeswoman said: “Earlier this month Anne Frances tendered her resignation as parish councillor after over 10 years of service on Wylam parish council.

“Anne has been an exceptional parish councillor and over the years has served both as chair and deputy chair.

“She has been a huge asset to our village, having played an immense role in the not-so-visible aspects of parish council life, along with her supporting numerous voluntary groups.

“We thank Anne for her contribution to the council. Her friendly, inclusive approach to our fellow residents and helpful adviser to fellow councillors, she will be dearly missed.”

The council is already looking to co-opt two new members following resignations earlier in the year.

Coun. Jos Joures left prior to the September meeting, while Coun. Tom Appleby left earlier in the day.

Speaking at the most recent meeting, current chairman Coun. Steven Duckworth gave an update on the process.

He said: “We’re in the process of co-opting new members and we will take that forward.

“It’s very sad that Anne has left.”

Councillors had initially agreed to hold off on appointing new councillors during the pandemic, but started looking in September due to fears the council would be at the bare bones if further members left.

It is understood that expressions of interest have been received for the seats vacated by Mr Joures and Mr Appleby, which were advertised in the Wylam Globe newsletter.

However, if there is interest in an election for Coun. Francis’s position, one would have to be called – although coronavirus restrictions mean it could not be held this year.