At my advancing age, I am in what my late companion Annie referred to as the cocktail age of life, and, while I am well aware that life can never stand still, the recent chatter from my grandchildren regarding a possible McDonald’s in Hexham, fills me with despair, for several reasons. 
Permit me to mention just three.
Firstly, in these difficult times, I would like to know who is going to be responsible for the extra litter picking, that, will undoubtedly be necessary, should these people get their way? 
My recent experience of one of their restaurants in Gloucester, does not bode well.
Secondly, at a time when planet earth is crying out for some love, should we really be encouraging such dangerous, and reprehensible behaviour, among our young people, at a time when we are supposedly, approaching ecological Armageddon?
The sheer waste, to say nothing of the environmental destruction, caused by giving large tracts of land, particularly in the developing world is surely unsustainable, as is the plastic pollution that ends up in our seas and oceans. 
Surely to goodness, Hexham can do better than this?
Where are the Gretas of Hexham?
If you are out there, then please make your feelings clear.