It’s been revealed that three out of 10 shops in Hexham have continuously left their lights on since the first day of the second coronavirus lockdown.

Waste collections company has been appalled to see such a huge waste of energy from high street retailers who keep their lights on 24/7, especially as the UN has declared 2020 a pivotal year for climate change.

Company spokesman, Mark Hall, said: “There is simply no need to keep the lights on during this time; it's like the Blackpool illuminations.

“Imagine how much money this is costing businesses in their electricity bills. It’s such a waste.”

Although it’s not uncommon for many retailers to leave some form of lighting on overnight, often to deter any vandalism or theft, these are often dimmed and on a timer system to reduce the amount of energy being wasted.

Mr Hall explained: "Unfortunately it seems that when the shop doors closed, 30 per cent of retailers forgot to turn off or adjust the timer system, so the lights have been coming on full whack every day. Once you go away and do the maths on how many lightbulbs there probably are in each shop and how many shops have left their lights on, you’re looking at an awful lot of money and energy being wasted. If these lights have been left on to make the stores look pretty, I think owners are forgetting that everyone has been stuck at home and no one has been able to see them!”