A COUNTRYSIDE holiday retreat like no other is coming to the Redesdale hills.

For livestock farmers Annabel and David Stanners their plans to convert a former railway carriage into holiday accommodation moved a step closer.

The former Wansbeck or 'Wannie' railway line, which runs through their land, closed in 1966 but the couple have exciting plans to restore a section of the railway's heritage.

Named the 'Wannies Retreat' the unique holiday stay is part of a plan to boost the local economy and showcase rural Northumberland to a wider demographic.

"We thought a train carriage would be something niche and help get people here to diversify the area," Annabel said.

The family were motivated to create the accommodation after hearing of their landlord's experiences of travelling on the railway to go to school.

Ridsdale's community recently united to open the village's community pub, and Annabel hopes the accommodation will further boost the appeal of the local area.

She explained: "It's about getting people to the area, staying in the area, spending money here and helping it thrive more. There's so much here to see and do."

The boutique venture also proposes an observatory and a hot tub.

Restoration work will be completed by local joiners, and organisations across the North Tyne and Redesdale have already pledged to support the proposal with the Ray Wind Farm Community Fund by Vatenfall also on board.