THE district's most popular Sci-Fi museum is set to reopen this weekend - albeit with much less fanfare than was originally planned.

Neil Cole originally planned to unveil the improvements to his Museum of Sci-Fi in Allendale with a grand reopening, featuring an appearance by former Doctor Who actress Sophie Aldred and the unveiling of the new Allendale Dalek.

However, the most recent coronavirus restrictions have meant Neil has had to push back his plans for the celebration.

Despite that, his new-look museum will reopen on Saturday, with restrictions in place.

Only one household will be allowed in at a time, and sci-fi lovers are advised to book ahead via the museum's website.

Neil said there is plenty to see - including a host of new exhibits to keep the attraction fresh.

He said: "Even for people who have been already, there's a massive amount to see.

"It's much more the museum I first imagined all those years ago. We rushed the first opening a little bit after the Netflix documentary.

"We're opening, but we're quietly opening. Sophie Aldred has agreed to postpone her visit, so we will hopefully do it in the summer.

"We will probably be unveiling our new Dalek too. The mark one is going to come back for now, under a plastic sheet to protect it from the weather."

Neil's museum made international headlines when he became locked in a dispute with Northumberland County Council's planning department over the shed that house the first Allendale Dalek.

The shed has now been removed, with a new, steel Dalek currently under construction that will not require planning permission.