AFTER the success of ‘Tu Cheez Kamal’ released during lockdown, a Punjabi singer, songwriter has released a music video recorded in a Tyne Valley village.

RV Narang, of Fenham, shot his ‘Soniye’ (beautiful) single in Corbridge before Covid-19 restrictions in the county.

“The minute I stepped into Corbridge and walked across the bridge, I thought it would look epic on camera”, he said.

“It’s a really beautiful village, there’s a lot of mystery to it as well, like the song.

“The people of Corbridge will really relate to the places, it’s really scenic.”

The song - which is described as a ‘melodious love song’ - was released on all major, digital platforms on October 1.

And just two weeks later, it sits comfortably at number five in the World Music iTunes Chart.

RV said: “The reaction has been really positive, everyone is loving it.

“I’m really happy with the result - the song, the video and the artwork, they all interlink.

“The industry is really challenging, but really rewarding.

“I’m an independent artist - I fund it all myself. I try to do things on a shoe string budget, but keep it professional.

“The fans are the people you do it for.”

Describing the track, which sees music provided by Yorkshire-based producer, Hussnain Lahori, RV said: “It’s a romantic song. I actually wrote it 12 years ago, it’s really catchy.”

And much to RV’s surprise, the song was even picked up this week by BBC’s Introducing for North-East artists.

While the Covid-19 pandemic has touched us all, for musicians, gigs have been put on hold and their livelihood’s brunted.

RV, who has over 10 years experience in the industry, said: “For all artists, Covid has put things on the back burner.

“But I’ve got really into writing new material and writing for other artists.

“It’s been a chance to reflect, to take a step back and see what’s worked and what hasn’t, and how to rebrand and relaunch.

“My plan is to launch my album, ‘My Way’, in Summer 2021, working towards 20 tracks.”

No stranger to success, RV topped the World Music iTunes Chart in 2018 with his single ‘Swag’.

“It was a really big achievement”, RV said.

“I think ‘Soniye’ would have gone to number one, but there’s so much tension, people aren’t buying music at the minute.”

The track can be listened to at