THE farming community has paid tribute to a man who became known nationally as ‘the Last Horseman’.

John Dodd featured in a BBC documentary by the same name almost 20 years ago, which focused on his long and distinguished life on the family farm at Sillywrea, Langley.

The veteran farmer hit the headlines because he continued to farm using the horsepower of his Clydesdales well into the new Millennium.

John died peacefully at home on September 28, aged 91, and the man who resisted modern technology in favour of retaining traditional methods will be fondly remembered.

Sinderhope farmer Robert Philipson said: “Sad news at the passing of the Last Horseman, John Dodd.

“Listening to him with that wonderful Northumbrian accent talking about his beloved horses and working with them on the farm was a joy.”

Robert made reference to the 2001 documentary, and said re-watching it would rekindle memories of farming methods from years gone by.

The film followed John on the farm at Sillywrea for a whole year, where he and his horses were surrounded by stunning countryside.

During that period, he passed his skills on to son-in-law David and grandson Richard, but remained very active on a farm which was simply a way of life.

A private service was set to take place at St Cuthbert’s Church, Beltingham.

Beloved husband of the late Maggie, John was well known throughout the district.