ASSET AUCTION: Northumberland County Council announced it would be auctioning off four main buildings in Hexham; the old swimming pool, Hexham House, the old Grammar School and Prospect House.

DOG DESTROYED: Members of the public watched in horror as a large terrier escaped its owner and attacked a spaniel on Hexham's Fore Street. The dog which attacked was destroyed.

CIVIC DUTY: The green light for a 'one stop shop' in Prudhoe was given as the library was to be transformed into a civic centre following a £1.8m fund from the Government.

ROYAL VISIT: Residents at Prudhoe care home Manors were overjoyed to meet Princess Anne who visited the complex to officially declare the £6.5m scheme open.

INDEPENDENT MARKET: Hexham town councillors fought off plans from Northumberland County Council to take over responsibility of the town's ancient market.


WILDCATS SPOTTED: A number of large predator like cats were reportedly at large on the remote hills of Wanney after numerous sightings were reported.

MARKET RESCUE: Tynedale Council launched a bid to save Hexham's Tuesday market from closure after customers had turned their backs on it.

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIR: A business showcase which brought firms from across the world to the area was opened by the Northern Development Company's chief executive, Dr John Bridge, of Haltwhistle.

EXCLUSION ZONE: Hexham Middle School unveiled plans to exclude members of the public from its grounds after a dramatic rise in cases of vandalism and arson.

TRAGIC WAIT: An inquest heard how Peter Armstrong Johnston (47), of Hexham, had died falling down the stairs while he was on the waiting list for a new home without stairs.


MILITARY DISPLAY: Bellingham rural councillors were given demonstration of the use of CS gas and harrier jump jets at the Otterburn Army training area, prior to these being used there. It was a bid to allay locals' fears that these innovations might have had an adverse environmental effect.

GREEN LIGHT: Prudhoe Urban Council approved plans to build a relief road to the north of the town.

BEER THEFT: Five men 'who were obviously drunk' were found at a a patrially constructed factory at Low Prudhoe after six pints of beer had been stolen from Northern Clubs' Federation Breweries.

BIKING TRAGEDY: A inquest heard how a 19-year-old motorcyclist had tried overtaking a vehicle when he collided with another car at Dilston. The teenager died of his injuries.


HOUSES PLAN REVISED: Hexham Rural Council dropped plans to erect Swedish timber houses at Humshaugh, opting to put the up at Gunnerton instead.

ART UPROAR: Corbridge residents were reported to be up in arms about German prisoners of war being allowed to do sketches in the village instead of carrying out agricultural work.

RETIREMENT: After 53 years with the Stella and Mickley Coal Companies, Mr JW Batey, of Ryton, retired, the third generation of his family to be connected with mining, his father working for over 60 years with the Stella Company and his grandfather cutting the first sod at Emma colliery.


STEEPLECHASES POPULAR: That year's October meeting at Hexham Racecourse attracted a record attendance despite indifferent weather.

METHODISTS REMEMBERED: A brass tablet commemorating Hexham Methodists who died during the First World War was unveiled at the town's Wesleyan chapel.

CROWD PULLER: As had been the case 25 years earlier, Alston Agricultural Society's annual show attracted a record turn out of about 3,000 this time around.

EVENING CLASSES: Classes arranged by the local technical education included freehand drawig, commercial correspondence, mensuration and algebra.


MONEY SPINNER: A bazaar held at Wark Town Hall raised £64 for the village's recently renovated Wesleyan chapel.

RECORD CROWD: Alston Agricultural Society's 57th annual cattle show attracted what was then a record number of spectators.


SWANKY SOIREE: Members of the Carrshield News Room held their second annual soiree and upwards of 200 people attended. An amateur band was in attendance and contributed to the pleasure of the evening.

RAILWAY ADDITION: Additions were made to the timetable on the Hexham to Allendale railway line.