THERE was a police presence in a Tyne Valley village as protesters took to the street at the weekend.

Northumbria Police confirmed a number of officers were called to Haydon Bridge on Saturday after it had been made aware that a peaceful protest was set to take place.

A number of residents of the village took to the street to protest against Haydon Bridge Fish and Chip Shop, on St Martin Street, which had caused unrest in the local area in recent times.

There was a heavy police presence in the area, with around six vehicles, including cars and vans, in attendance from 5pm.

While police said the protest was largely peaceful, an arrest had been made after somebody had allegedly thrown a number of items inside the shop.

A Northumbria Police spokesperson said: “Officers attended the scene and a 33-year-old male was identified as having thrown a number of items inside the premises, causing damage.

“He was spoken to by officers and given a community resolution and the matter was resolved.”

It is understood residents, who laid flowers at the shop, will continue to protest weekly. The shop, which was daubed with graffiti in August, announced it was due to close on social media, but has since reopened.