A TYNE Valley-based games company has launched three new products as part of a partnership with one of the biggest names in the business.

Hexham-based Creating Games, operated by inventor David Williams, has built on a successful partnership with big-name company Cheatwell.

David, who is already known for his family and adult games, has broadened his scope and ventured into the children’s market for the first time.

Crown the Unicorn is a search-and-find tile game aimed at kids aged three and up. The game originally came from David’s attempts to entertain his grandchildren.

Cousins Zach and Elliott were just seven and four when they became the company’s youngest games testers.

Davis said: “Once they said they loved it I knew I was onto a winner.”

Cheatwell agreed when the prototype was unveiled at a later meeting, and a year on Zach and Elliot have given the finished game an enthusiastic thumbs up.

The second new arrival from Creating Gemes is a game of “bluff, lies, and surprise” called No Way!

The game is described as a “pick-up-and-play game in a box that is a handy size for taking on holiday or for visiting friends, as well as for playing in the family home”.

It joins David’s other family games already on the market - Quirky, Big 6 and Read My Mind - and is suitable for anyone aged 12 and over.

However, there is also a racier version of the game for over 18s, which has been made for the likes of stag and hen dos at the request of Cheatwell.

The company found earlier ‘adult’ versions of David’s games had been big sellers both at home and abroad.

The partnership with Cheatwell means David’s games have an international reach - they’ve been translated into Hungarian, Romanian, and Spanish - but the biggest market is in the US.

Across the pond, Creating Games’ products cam be found in major retail stores.