A PARISH council has announced that it will be creating a village plan to steer the future of the area.

At September's meeting of Wylam Parish Council, councillors agreed to begin exploring the process of creating a "village plan" that will guide future development and community ideas in the village.

The council's chairman, Coun. Stephen Duckworth, said: "I'm quite keen to develop a village plan. I think it's important - it's considered good practice to have one.

"When we get bids for money, we can assess it in line with our plan for the village - so I'm going to start scooping that out and sharing stuff with people.

"It''s not just about planning - it's a strategy for the village and the parish council.

"I think it would be quite high level, but I think a few things might fall out of it."

Coun. Colin Percy backed the proposal.

He said: "I haven't got any objections. We're not talking about a neighbourhood plan, but it's a broader document.

"I think it would be very useful. Things like making the Falcon Centre a community resource - this might be the way to do it.

"Things like a heritage strategy could go on the village plan."

It was agreed to start sounding out ideas for the plan, with a hope that members of the community would get involved.