A VILLAGE pre-school has been repeatedly targeted by vandals, leaving staff to clear up smashed glass before children arrive.

Wylam Pre-School, which operates out of the Falcon Centre, has seen numerous attacks in recent months - including two windows smashed on its shed in the last two weeks.

Heartless vandals have also left graffiti on the centre walls, while litter and even drugs have been found by staff.

Manager Michelle Gardiner explained the situation.

She said: "We have a shed where we keep the bikes and carts for the children, and a couple of weeks ago the window was smashed and glass was all over the floor.

"A few days later there was more glass on the ground and another window had been smashed.

"We had quite a few different situations - there's been graffiti on the Falcon Centre, one of the staff had made a mud kitchen and that was smashed.

"We had some tyres in that had sand and grass in for the children to play with, and they were taken away. Some people had been sitting there and they'd left rubbish and a packet of drugs behind.

"We're getting to the point now where we can't leave anything out, so we can't develop our outside area."

Northumberland County Council boarded up the windows - but Michelle is not convinced the problem is going to go away.

She continued: "It was really sad to be honest. Luckily we have a policy where every morning we have to make sure to check the play area over.

"We worry about what it looks like to parents. We've got no idea who's behind it.

"The school have said they have the same problem - it's a big issue. You don't expect it to happen in this area, but it does happen. We don't have the finances to put cameras up.

"There's nothing valuable in the shed, there's no point in breaking in. It's a shame."