I really did not know whether to laugh or cry at the article ‘Call for road safety overhaul’ (Courant, September 17).

Anyone with any intelligence could foresee that as soon as Market Street became one-way, traffic speeds would increase. 

It should be returned to two-way and this would solve the problem. 
Hallstile Bank’s closure has made the junction at Eilansgate much busier as traffic from the west now turns into Hexham there rather than at Beaumont Street - again, open Hallstile Bank! 

The extra lorries in the area are temporary while the new school is being built, as was the extra traffic on to Dipton Mill Road while Causey Hill was re-surfaced.

This is now finished and the junction is now much quieter. 
What we need in Hexham is not yet more traffic lights, ugly signage or chicanes but some good old common sense!