THE battle for a Blue Badge parking space in the North-East has increased since the introduction of ‘hidden disabilities’ to the criteria in England 12 months ago, a new study reveals.

There are 35 Blue Badge holders per one council-owned parking space across the North-East of England, on average, according to new data obtained through Freedom of Information requests by

Since the scheme was updated in England, there have been 1,440 applications for Blue Badges under the ‘hidden disability’ criteria in the region.

However, 75 new, dedicated parking spaces have been added in the past 12 months to accommodate these drivers, suggesting the demand for a parking spot is now greater than before.

It is thought that Northumberland could offer the biggest challenge for Blue Badge holders, with 171 permit holders to one on-street council-owned parking space, while comparatively, North Yorkshire offers the most Blue Badge parking provisions at 39 Blue Badge holders to one space.