COMMON sense is the greatest weapon in the fight against coronavirus, the Prime Minster has announced. 

Boris Johnson addressed the nation at 8pm - hours after a raft of new restrictions were introduced across the country. 

Following a rise in cases, Mr Johnson warned of a challenging winter ahead, but he stressed that adhering to the rules was the only way to avoid a further lockdown, and tougher policing of restrictions. 

He said: "If we follow these rules together, we will get through this winter together. Now is the time to summon the resolve and the discipline. 

"This virus is no less fatal than it was in the spring. Our people are no less susceptible. We risk more deaths. 

"The single greatest weapon against the virus is the common sense of the people themselves."

The Prime Minister described the ongoing crisis as the biggest of his lifetime, and urged people to remember that anyone could be carrying the virus. 

He added: "Your mild cough could be somebody else's death knell."