Empty gestures from Mr Opperman. 

‘Back British Farming Day’ is an opportunity for our Parliamentarians to celebrate the work of our country’s farmers and promote local produce. This praise must be matched with action.

Farmers are rightly worried that their livelihoods will be put at risk by Ministers signing trade deals with Trump’s America – or any other country that could undercut British farmers with food produced more cheaply, but to lower standards.

An amendment to the Agricultural Bill in May of this year proposed a safeguard to British farming standards in any future UK trade deals. Mr Opperman’s vote against the amendment was a vote for cheap inferior quality food imports from countries with lower standards than ours.

The rejection of the amendment left the farming industry with grave concerns.
Mr Opperman’s very public backing of farmers on ‘British Farming Day’ is not matched by his voting against safeguarding British farming standards in any future trade deals.

Empty gestures on ‘Back British Farming Day’ from Mr Opperman will not save British farming.