A PARISH council is on the look out for new members after a second member resigned.

Wylam Parish Council's former chairman, Coun. Jos Joures, tendered his resignation from the council prior to Monday's meeting.

There had already been a vacancy after Tom Appleby left earlier in the year.

Speaking at Monday's meeting, the council's chairman, Coun. Steven Duckworth, said: "We had an initial decision to hold off appointing nay new councillors, but I think we should have another decision as to whether that was still appropriate, or whether we should try to recruit some councillors.

"My view is we probably should - were we to lose another couple we would have serious problems.

"I think we should try to get up to the number of councillors we should have.

"There's an issue around sustainability. If anyone else were to drop out, we would be down to the bare bones."

Councillors agreed that an advertisement for the vacancy would be put in the village newsletter, the Wylam Globe.

If there is no interest in holding an election for the vacant seats, the council would be able to co-opt new members. The period for calling an election for one of the vacancies has already passed. Councillors also revealed that there had been some interest in one of the positions.