Our guide to all the soap action week for the next week.

Neighbours (Channel 5)

For anyone who grew up with Neighbours, Des Clarke was one of the show’s best characters between 1985 and 1990. He also popped up a few years ago, and now he’s back.

When he comes to Erinsborough, Des has a long-overdue conversation with (that other recent returnee) Jane, after which they make a huge decision about their future.

While Nicolette and Chloe are high on life, Jane and Hendrix have both noticed they’re up to something.

Elsewhere, Dipi is completely unaware Shane is battling withdrawal, until he finally confesses that he’s an addict, and Mackenzie is gobsmacked to learn that Richie was the one who gave Shane his first taste of drugs. Eventually Yashvi takes Shane to the station for formal questioning.

Poor Toadie looks like he’s going under, but hope may arrive in the form of energetic, bubbly Rose Walker. However, there’s more to her than meets the eye. When Rose blames a mistake of hers on Mackenzie, the latter suspects that something isn’t right.

Home and Away (Channel 5)

While Angelo closes in on Colby during questioning, Thorne keeps a cool head, but recalls a traumatic incident from his past.

Later, Colby’s attempt to provide Bella with a false alibi backfires when her anxiety before her interrogation intensifies. Unable to cope with the lying and deceit, Ms Nixon escapes Summer Bay.

Meanwhile, Dean struggles to hide his connection to the murder from Ziggy, and Justin is behaving in a strange, forgetful manner. However, it remains to be seen whether this is natural deterioration, or if something darker is going on.

Eventually Tane, Ari and Mackenzie race against time to find Bella and Nikau, who are already far away and contemplating their situation; Willow and Jasmine clash over the gym, and who is the most dominant.

And Amber tries to prevent Dean from getting into trouble by dropping a bombshell. So, just a typical week in Summer Bay then.

Coronation Street (ITV)

The good news is that Corrie is back up to more than three episodes this week. The bad? That Geoff is nowhere nearer to getting the comeuppance he deserves.

However, while that gaslighting storyline flickers in the background, Stealing the Weatherfield spotlight is Paul, who discovers the sinister Kel has died.

Meanwhile, David grows wary of Ray’s motives; little wonder considering what a shady character the bistro owner is. Elsewhere, and there’s more bad news for Steve and Leanne when Oliver’s doctor delivers a devastating verdict. Naturally they want a second opinion.

Struggling addict Abi confides her morphine-related problems to Debbie, and Asha sets out to clear the air with the ever more eccentric Dev. (The poor guy has never been the same since mad Maya tried to kill him, but that’s another story).

And Kirk believes that Nicky is Daniel’s new girlfriend. Hardly surprising considering the grief-stricken dad has been using the escort to get over the loss of his wife, but then again Kirk is so slow he probably still thinks it’s 2010.

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Some folks aren’t comfortable expressing their affection in public. PC George Kiss is one of them, as John Paul McQueen discovers when he tries to hug his new flame and George backs away.

Hawk-eyed James Nightingale (John Paul’s ex) spots the awkward moment, and swoops in when George leaves, inviting John Paul to a client dinner. No prizes for guessing who arrests them both during a drunken post-party incident. However, it looks like there’s more to PC Kiss than meets the eye.

Elsewhere, Edward Hutchinson’s plans are scuppered when Diane decides she’s not ready to give up on Tony yet. (Poor Tony believes his own kids fear him thanks to Ed’s scheming).

After Goldie and Joel’s attempts at playing Cupid, Romeo is gutted when Cher friend-zones him. And while Juliet confronts Jordan about two-timing Leela and her crush, Peri, things take an intriguing turn when Peri and Juliet wind up kissing.

Emmerdale (ITV)

Will explains that he and Harriet are finished, and not realising the real reason for the break-up, Billy’s left confused. Later, Harriet tells Dawn that she’s done with her job as the town vicar but a stunned Dawn tells Harriet that she needs to remain vicar so they can continue to cover-up Malone’s burial spot.

Charity informs Priya that if Kirin were to show-up now, it would only complicate the adoption process. Meanwhile, a mystery watcher observes them from a distance.

Dan’s grateful when Nicola tells Amelia she can take some clothes from the clothes swap for free. Amelia attempts to cover up the fact that she’s avoiding school, and Dan receives a call from someone threatening to cut him off if he doesn’t pay a bill.

Although hurt by Amy’s rejection, Matty puts on a brave face and tells Marlon that the reason they’re not dating is because he’s decided that she’s ‘too needy’, but he’s unaware Amy’s overheard him. Oops.

EastEnders (BBC One)

No, in case you’re wondering, last week’s trips to Albert Square weren’t a figment of your imagination, though many of the storylines may stretch credibility to breaking point.

As the Walford crew continue to settle into their regular roles, Max wants his money back from Ian, and Beale’s attempt to fix his cash flow problems goes awry. Yes, it has been wonderful to see Ian working with old mate Sharon at the Vic. However, he starts to tighten the reins on her running the pub, so it looks like their friendship could be tested in the weeks to come.

While Tina and Frankie grow closer, Ruby demands the truth from Vinny, before she makes a shock confession. Psycho-turned-good guy Stuart celebrates his stag do, while Rainie hopes to enjoy her hen party. Of course this being soap land, neither goes to plan. Elsewhere, Chantelle is determined to find a way out. (Just pop on the Tube at Walford East dear. Problem solved).