RESIDENTS have thrown their weight behind a road safety campaign on a “problematic” road near Hadrian’s Wall.

A petition to improve traffic calming measures on the B6318 road between the George Hotel, at Chollerford, and Chesters Roman Fort, at Walwick, has received more than 135 signatures.

Campaigners say that many road users disregard the 40mph speed limit and drive without due care and attention.

There have been 10 crashes in the past 10 years, including two fatal, on the stretch of the B6318 from Chollerford to the Simonburn junction, according to the North-East Regional Road Safety Resource.

Helen MCcall, who started the petition, said the road on the Hadrian’s Wall Trail attracts thousands of walkers and tourists each year.

She said: “There are often near misses with speeding or overtaking vehicles, and there is a significant risk to walkers, residents, tourists and other road users.

“The 40mph signage is not proving adequate as a calming measure for speed,” she added.

“Road users have a clear line of sight heading to and from the roundabout, and therefore accelerate, not taking into consideration the driveways, entrances and residents.

“There is severe risk of a serious accident and potential risk to life.”

The residents behind the petition have called on Humshaugh Parish Council to: investigate the possibility of a Speed Indicator Devices, improve signage and road markings, widen the footpath along the road and to work with local residents in improving the safety of the area.

Helen explained: “We support the prospect of speed calming measures, widening of footpaths and any other relevant solutions to reduce risk to pedestrians, local community, ramblers, road users and any other person using this stretch of road.”

Signing the petition, Jayne Walsham said: “It’s a fast road, too fast, a lot of residential property on that road. The speed limit is 40, I would estimate the average is 60mph

Fiona Elliott added: “It’s a dangerous stretch of road and as Humshaugh and surrounding area become busier through development, the risk increases. Don’t wait until there is a casualty before taking measures.”

Humshaugh Parish Council was due to discuss the petition at it’s meeting on Thursday.