THE FUTURE is bright for a young angler after catching his first Salmon at the age of six.

Thomas Mitcheson, from Fourstones, celebrated the catch while fishing on the River South Tyne.

Alec Mitcheson, father, said: "Thomas has taken up fishing like a duck to water, having caught his first trout at three years old.

"Fishing runs deep in our family, so it was a great thrill to see Thomas rewarded with an 81/2 lb fresh run salmon, especially after he’s put in such a lot of effort.

"He was fishing a pool on the lower South Tyne when the salmon took a spinner and a mighty battle between fish and boy ensued.

"He seems to be able to just magic fish out of the water.

"Thomas has always been a doggedly determined boy and would not let me help him at all, so his achievement was especially hard won.

Alec, who has fished all of his life, recalled how he and Thomas's brother James stood back and enjoyed the drama.

"I was allowed to net the fish," he added, "Thomas was absolutely delighted to have landed his first ever salmon.

"As just about all of our salmon are returned these days, we decided to make an exception of this one - a first salmon and such a fresh beauty with tide lice.”