ARTISTS and photographers are encouraged to paint and capture their own unique perspectives of the Alston landscape in a new event.

The exhibition is part of the Alston Landscape Art Town Initiative (ALATI), a new scheme to bring visitors to the area and recognition for its fine landscapes and its strong tradition of landscape art and photography.

The launch of the Release into the Landscape event includes four sessions of artistic preparation for artists and photographers, either online or face-to-face, culminating in a Christmas exhibition in Alston.

On Monday, August 24, there will be a series of talks from the artist, Helen Johnson, and photographer, Mike Knowles, on how participants can create their work.

The talks will be held at the Alston House Hotel, starting at 2pm with a fee of £10.

In early September, ALATI’s artists and photographers will conduct free guided walks to further expand on the themes of Movement, Colour and Light.

At the end of the month, there will be a technical session back at Alston House Hotel on how to improve their images prior to submission for the Christmas exhibition, which costs £10.

Artist Helen Johnson said: “This is a real opportunity for people to celebrate their freedom, wherever possible, and to enjoy our beautiful landscape by realising their artistic abilities and vision together.”

“People who can’t yet get out into the landscape are also catered for in our online information at

ALATI chair, Kathy Reeds, added: “We hope as many people as possible will join us in this series of events, for pleasure and contact, even if they don’t want to exhibit their work.

Details on the events can be found at: