A FAMILY have spoken of their devastation after finding the body of their 17-month-old French Bulldog in the River Tyne on Friday, after he had jumped into the river a week earlier.

A wide-scale public appeal was launched throughout the Tyne Valley, and on social media, after Marley disappeared.

However, after a week of searching the river and the surrounding area, owners Paul Sanderson and Michaella Gallon had not found the dog. ‘Missing’ posters were plastered on trees at Tyne Green Country Park until he was found.

“Where he was found was not even half a mile down river from where he fell off and into the water,” Paul said. “He was up against a tree.”

The Gateshead couple took Marley to a pet crematorium and plan to keep his ashes with them at home.

“We have got that closure now. It’s not the closure we wanted, but it means we can grieve properly,” Paul added.

“Everyone that we know lit a candle for Marley.

“We cannot thank everybody enough.

“The response was overwhelming and 90 per cent of the people we didn’t even know.”