PRUDHOE Youth Project has given an update on a tumultuous year to the town council.

The project had been carrying out detached work - work outside out a building or activity to identify and address the needs of young people - for the first time, but activities were curtailed by the coronavirus crisis.

The work had been funded by a grant from the town council, but there was an underspend on the grant of £2,400, which the partnership asked to be carried forward to next year.

In addition, the council was also whether a further £10,000 committed to the project also not used should be carried forward in 2021/22.

Speaking at the meeting, trustee George Hepburn said: "We're all stuck in this infuriating situation, but we have plans to get going again.

"Carrying the money over would enable us to do the 12 months work which we were not able to start. It would make our lives easier."

The council agreed the money should be carried forward.

Coun. Glenn Simpson said: "I think it's difficult in the current climate. The situation is very very challenging.

"I'm minded to support the motion and give the group the opportunity to carry out the work."

The report provided by the Prudhoe Youth Project also explained that a new youth worker has been appointed, and a base at on Front Street has been identified.