THE infamous Allendale Dalek has been removed on the orders of Northumberland County Council.

The so-called Allendalek, which stands outside Neil Cole's Museum of Sci-fi on Market Place, attracted international headlines after the council ordered the shed that protects it be removed, following a complaint that it didn't have planning permission.

Mr Cole was granted temporary planning permission by the council's Tynedale Local Area Committee last August, which allowed him to keep it in place for a year - but that time is now up.

However, there are big plans upcoming for the museum - including a new, steel Dalek on wheels, that will not need planning permission to stand outside the property, which is a listed building.

Neil said: "The Dalek shed is going this week and the Dalek into temporary storage, following the Council's instructions.

"However! We are reopening on October 24 to unveil a massively upgraded museum and new screen accurate solid steel Dalek, to be unveiled by one of the Doctor's former companions 'Ace' - played by Sophie Aldred."

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