A SUNDAY roast is a staple meal on the table of families throughout the country.

Whether it is cooked and eaten at home or at a local hostelry or restaurant, a Sunday roast is often the highlight of the week.

For the Carts Bog Inn, the first weekend of its new takeaway Sunday Roast service was so popular the kitchen produced nearly 150 to hungry customers.

Reopening the Langley pub has been a positive process, according to Stuart Davison, despite many short term and long term changes.

"It's been very good since we reopened," Stuart said.

"We opened on July 15 and we only do Wednesday to Sunday and all tables have been full. I did not want to open the weekend when there would be a huge influx of people we felt as though it would be better to wait."

Introducing a one-way system has completely changed the interior of the pub, but is something staff and visitors have become well accustomed to, Stuart said.

He explained: "We cannot use every table but what we have got has been used. The style of a pub like ours in the country and more food and dining focused have been very busy.

"It was quite a different set up to get used to, but once we started to use the new system it was more manageable.

"It's been great for customers because they have been able to smoothly walk through the building."

The Carts Bog was due to celebrate its 10th anniversary on March 26 with a full restaurant, but instead the building was closed due to the cornavirus pandemic.

However there was always a desire from customers to return, Stuart says.

"We have got such a good local following and everyone is so keen to support us, especially since reopening."

The Carts Bog introduced a takeaway Sunday Lunch service on Father's Day in June and demand has been so high they have continued ever since.

Stuart explained: "We thought Fathers Day was a good time to start seeing as we missed Mother's Day.

"It was really busy and we made nearly 150 dinners on one day. Since then it has only been around 60 to 70 every Sunday, but going forward we're still offering them as the demand is still there."

The pub prides itself on its connections with the local farming community as well as its popular public events.

Calendar highlights such as the beer festival are set to be rescheduled for next year.

"We are lucky because we have one of the largest pub gardens in Tynedale," Stuart added.

"We were concerned whether our custom would be there when we reopened and I am very grateful for everyone who has supported us by booking tables.

"The best thing I have ever done in hospitality is not opening on a Monday and Tuesday."

Instead, the Carts Bog opens on a Wednesday at 5pm, and Stuart said it has helped manage the business better and survive in the long term.