VISITORS to a popular waterfall have been asked to respect the area after an increase in anti-social behaviour, public disorder and littering.

In a plea posted on social media Cumbria Police and Crime Commissioner, Peter McCall, asked the public to support local communities and residents when visiting Crammel Linn waterfall, near Gilsland.

He said: "Since the lockdown we've seen an increase right across Cumbria of anti-social behaviour, drug taking and general disrespect of our green open spaces.

"It's been a particular problem in the Crammel Linn waterfall area and we really need to send the message that this will not be tolerated.

"It's a priority area for the police. Police will be patrolling and they will deal robustly with people who disrespect our countryside, our open spaces and themselves and other people."

Earlier this month closure signs and road barriers were erected at Crammel Linn waterfall, urging visitors to stay away.

A local community group was recently set up with the express aim of keeping Crammel Linn clean following a spate of littering.

Mr McCall added: "We want everyone to enjoy our open space. We live in a beautiful county, but take care of it, respect it and respect yourselves.

"The police will be dealing with this robustly as a priority area to support our residents and communities."