A PARISH council has raised concerns about reopening one of the village’s play parks following the coronavirus lockdown.

At Wylam Parish Council’s latest meeting, councillors expressed reservations about reopening the play park at Hagg Bank to the public due to the dangers still posed by Covid-19.

The park also needed its equipment cleaning and new signage installed.

The council’s clerk, Marie Moore, believed it would be difficult to adhere to government guidelines.

She said: “The Government guidance talks about play equipment being cleaned frequently, but that’s not achievable.

“The Jubilee Field has opened and I think the advice was it comes to signage and common sense. I think that’s the approach most councils are taking.”

Coun. Jacqueline Henderson claimed the council should not spend money to clean the park and put up signs about social distancing, as it was rarely used.

She said: “I’ve always had strong views about Hagg Bank play area. I don’t think it’s used and I don’t think we should be throwing money on it.

“I just question whether that’s a good way to spend the taxpayer’s money.”

The council did agree to fund the costs of reopening the park when it felt it was safe to do so.