A GROUP of teenagers have come together to tackle mental health issues during the coronavirus crisis.

The youngsters, brought together by Hexham Community Centre, have asked the public to nominate people whose mental health problems have been brought on or exacerbated by the pandemic.

Over the next four weeks, they will send the nominee a free afternoon tea on Wednesday with a note attached to let the person know that people are thinking of them.

Clare Mwande, manager at Hexham Community Centre, praised the youngsters for their idea.

She said: “We just wanted to let people know we’re thinking about them. We’ve heard some heartbreaking stories about what people have been through. It’s really nice to reach out to people.

“Our long term volunteer, Joe Thomas, is going to be leading the make-up of the afternoon tea. He’s volunteered here for years. He’s a pure diamond.

“Some of the people involved have been helping all the way through the pandemic with our meals on wheels programme - my daughter has been cooking puddings for it, and some of her friends have got involved.”

Clare also defended Hexham’s young people, who have been the target of some unfair criticism on social media.

She added: “The teenagers and young people had had quite a bashing on social media, but actually considering, they’ve been blinking good. They’ve done what they’re supposed to do."

Anyone who wishes to nominate someone who has been struggling can do via the Hexham Community Centre Events Facebook page.