A PROPOSAL to install information boards near to the statue of a prominent military figure has fallen on deaf ears.

Hexham town councillor John Ord addressed fellow members over the statue of Lt Col. George Elliott Benson, who served in the artillery arm of the British Army, and died at the Battle of Brakenlaagte during the Boer War in 1901.

A monument to him has stood at the entrance of Beaumont Street for 116 years. Coun. Ord has been keen for a debate on the statue in the wake of recent Black Lives Matter protests, which have led to much debate over public monuments.

But the matter was dismissed after not a single member of the council supported Coun. Ord’s proposal during Monday’s meeting.

Chairing the meeting, Hexham Mayor Coun. Bob Hull’s request for a seconder was met with deathly silence.

He added: “I am sorry about that, Coun. Ord. The motion fails in the absence of a seconder. You can being it back and reintroduce it. I think there are some good ideas there, but we can come back to them.”

Coun. Ord had called for information boards close to the Benson gates at Hexham’s Sele, giving more information about Lt Col. Benson’s life.

He said he wanted the boards to acknowledge the military man’s “outstanding military prowess”, but also raise awareness the British Empire’s role the deaths of women and children in Africa.

The information boards should also acknowledge other Hexham heroes, said Coun. Ord.