FLY tippers are blighting “beautiful contryside” in the Tyne Valley, according to a councillor.

Corbridge Parish Council’s Nick Oliver claimed rubbish being dumped in his village could be from irresponsible builders as well as domestic households.

Coun. Oliver said fly tipping had been brought to his attention at both Drover’s Way, and in the Dilston area.

Speaking at a recent parish council meeting, he said: “There’s been concerns over an abandoned car at Dilston. We’ve also had builders dumping rubbish while on jobs.”

After the meeting, Coun. Oliver focused on Drover’s Way, where illegal dumping of rubbish had led to concerns from residents on social media.

“I am very keen that people stop dong this,” he said. “It’s very irresponsible just to abandon waste in this way, rather than taking it to the tip. There have been sacks of building materials.

“We are very lucky to have such beautiful countryside, and we don’t want it to be blighted in this way.”

Coun. Oliver, who also represents Corbridge on Northumberland County Council, said the local authority would be clearing up the mess, and would also be keeping an eye on regular fly tipping hotspots.

He also suggested that residents out walking might recognise waste innocently removed from their homes, and report offenders.