I read with great trepidation of the plans to have a demonstration on the streets of Hexham.

While I understand the eagerness to show solidarity with educating people about racism, indeed both of my children and I have been the brunt of racist behaviour, I do not agree with jumping on the bandwagon along with everyone else.

Racism is a learned trait. In order for people to stop being racist the change must come from within, not demonstrating in the streets.

If the Black Lives Matter organisation was really that concerned about gaining respect and recognition for black people, it must start within its own community not by tearing down statues but by closing down the gangs that feed the streets with drugs and kill their own race as a right of admission, especially in the USA.

These gangs have no regard for black human life nor any life for that matter.

This is where the change must come from.

Teach the people that all lives matter, including their own.