A CAMPAIGN to reach out to the friends and family of victims of domestic abuse has been launched by Northumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

Kim McGuinness has launched a new survey designed to help people know where to get help when faced with domestic abuse.

It comes after an anonymous survivor survey, carried out by Sunderland-based woman’s refuge Wearside Women in Need, found that 37 per cent of victims disclosed their abuse to a friend, while 25 went to a family member. In contrast, just 11 per cent contacted the police first.

The idea behind the campaign was to reach out to those concerned about loved ones, and provide them with advice and contact information that can be passed on.

Miss McGuinness, said: “It’s such a big step finding the courage to open up about being abused.

“So whoever a victim chooses to confide in, it doesn’t matter.

“What’s important is that we seize that moment, especially right now with more victims being allowed out of the house as they’re perhaps doing the school run or returning to work. Whoever they tell needs to know where to turn for support.

“We just want support to get to those who need it.”