THE OWNER of the famous Allendalek is calling on the public’s help to decide the colour of his new creation.

Sci-fi museum owner Neil Cole is currently creating a second dalek after the popularity of the first structure.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, Mr Cole sought public opinion on the second dalek’s appearance.

“What colour should the new (made from steel, actual metal dalek to sit outside the museum in all weather!) Allendalek Mk 2’s balls be?,” he said. “Au natural shiny metal...or blue?”

In August last year, Neil, the creator of the so-called Allendalek, was granted a year’s temporary permission for the shed to house the creation.

Northumberland County Council had ordered the science fiction museum owner to remove the shed housing a Dalek from his drive last February, after a complaint found he did not have planning permission to have the shed outside his Grade II listed home.

Increased public interest, helped by worldwide media attention, saw the Allendale museum receive around 3,000 visitors in its first year, according to Mr Cole.