LAUNCHING a local estate agency business amid a pandemic and a struggling housing market may seem an ambitious project for some.

But brave Kirsty Hodgson, from Prudhoe, is relishing the opportunity of becoming involved with the Tyne Valley housing sector.

In fact, the Tyne Valley is "such a desirable area" she doesn't think there will be much of a decline in housing sales.

Kirsty launched the new estate agency last month after building up a proven track record in valuing and selling houses across the Tyne Valley and Gateshead over the past 18 years.

Working for local independent and corporate agents in Prudhoe, Hexham and Blaydon, she then began working self employed with Purple Bricks.

Now offering her own personal service, Kirsty proposes offering free valuations and a personal customer experience.

Kirsty said: "I started working for an estate agency in March, but my job lasted less than two weeks after I was told there was no work.

"I was in a situation where I had no income and there were no jobs about and no one taking people on

"I have been thrown into it."

However, Kirsty had always hoped of setting up her own business and sees now as the right time to get started.

And despite reports that home buyers and movers have put their property plans on ice, Kirsty remains ambitious.

"I am a positive person in general and I don't think that the market is that bad. The Tyne Valley is such a desirable area I don't think it will affect here that much.

"I am looking to offer a personal bespoke service to sellers who want a better experience, getting the best advice from beginning to end of the sales journey."