THE ORGANISERS behind the Tyne Valley's first anti-racism peaceful demonstration have revised the plans for next weekend's event. 

The event, called Hexham Against Racism Peaceful Demonstration, was created on Facebook on Saturday and will take place at Tyne Green in Hexham on Saturday, July 11 at 2pm.

Organisers had planned to march through the town centre as part of the demonstration, but have since drawn back on the plans.

A statement from the organisers said the team behind the event have discussed some of the concerns and worries brought up by members of the public via social media and direct contact.

"We are always open to suggestion and constructive feedback and we have made the decision to remove the march element of the demonstration," the statement read. 

"We will now keep this as a static event, which will take place in Tyne Green only.

"Respectful and peaceful discussion is welcome, alongside local laws we would like to confirm that alcohol will not be welcome at the event, nor will intoxicated behaviour.

"This is a family friendly and welcoming event for open discussion and a celebration of diversity."

The Hexham Against Racism group was formed after it was claimed that ‘pockets of racism exist in Tynedale’.

The statement added: "One of the primary reasons for this decision is also to keep the event safe and accessible for all and allow for proper social distancing.

"We request that all attendees wear masks and we will be supplying spare masks for anyone who needs one.

"We hope that this event will continue to evolve in the future to larger events in support of our local BAME communities.

"If you would like to know more, or make any suggestions, please feel free to contact us."