MOTORISTS can expect dramatic changes to the Bridge End roundabout in Hexham as roadworks continue to progress.

Highways England said, from Sunday July 5, the first temporary turnaround point will be in use on the eastern side of the roundabout.

The turnaround on the western side of the roundabout, for drivers leaving Hexham and travelling east towards Newcastle, will open on Saturday, July 18.

Introducing the turnarounds will allow drivers to access Hexham when the main roundabout is closed.

The roundabout is set to close for 12 months once both turnarounds open, allowing work to take place on building the bridge supports for the roundabout.

The pedestrian footpath on the east bridge will also be closed with a diversion to the west via Hermitage overbridge during the roundabout closure.

Work has continued to progress on the £30m scheme despite the lockdown with land between the carriageway approaching Hexham from the east now covered in tarmac.

Highways England pledged to improve the A69 at Hexham and Corbridge, with the aim of creating uninterrupted dual carriageway from Newcastle to Hexham.

Once work on Bridge End is complete, Highways England said it will revisit plans for the Styford roundabout, presenting options to the public for consultation.