RESIDENTS took to the streets on Saturday as part of a peaceful demonstration against the possibility of a no deal Brexit.

Members of the North East for Europe group held placards and spoke to the public in a bid to raise awareness over the perceived dangers of no deal.

The protesters stuck to social distancing measures by meeting in two groups to avoid a gathering of more than six people.

Translator Kim Sanderson was among the demonstrators. She explained her reasons for trying to prevent a no-deal.

She said: “After Brexit, we didn’t campaign for a while, we don’t want to class it as a European campaign because we’ve left Europe.

“We’re trying to stop the bad effects of a no deal. We’re concerned citizens who want to point out the dangers of no deal.

“It’s very divisive, because some people who voted leave don’t want to listen to you when they hear you voted remain.

“It looks like the Government isn't going to extend the transition period. It’s a bad idea in my view, but with coronavirus, it makes it more dangerous because it’s potentially more damaging to the economy that will already be weakened, and the Government has less time and energy to put into a deal.”

The Government has insisted it will not extend the Brexit transition period beyond the end of this year, which has caused fears of a no deal Brexit to re-emerge due to the coronavirus crisis. The deadline for an extension was on June 30.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has repeatedly stated he would leave without a trade deal if one was not agreed.

Kim also feared the impact on farmers. She continued: “In Hexham the big one is the effect on farming. If the farming community suffers the area suffers. The issue is tariffs on exports, which would make British meat more expensive in the EU. The politicians say they won’t lower standards and we should trust them - whatever your political persuasion, I don’t think it’s enough to say ‘just trust us.’”