IT'S fair to say that there is not much to do in lockdown.

But ever since the Government announced that we would only be allowed out once a day to exercise, the pavements, paths, and bridleways of the Tyne Valley and beyond have been full of people all doing the same thing - running.

Therefore, all those new and returning runners will no doubt be delighted that the area's only specialist running store has now reopened to the public after the coronavirus lockdown was eased on Monday.

Seamus Kelleher and his wife Holly, who were keen runners well lockdown, opened Run Unlimited in Prudhoe in March.

Seamus admitted lockdown hadn't come at the best time for the business.

"We opened about five weeks before lockdown," he said. "We could have done with being a little bit more established.

"With all the safety precautions we've had to put in, it's been quite busy and you don't know what to expect.

"We reopened on Monday - people seem to be running a lot, it's one of the only things people can do. A lot of people have started or taken it back up."

Naturally, with fears over coronavirus still at the forefront of many shoppers' minds, Seamus and Holly have had to implement safety measures in order to reopen.

They include only allowing one household in the main part of the store at a time, removing clothes that have been tried on from sale for three days, and providing clean socks for people who want to try on footwear.

The couple hope these measures will allow customers to feel safe and relaxed whilst shopping.

Seamus continued: "We have got to keep people safe and we have to keep ourselves safe.

"It's quite a lot of extra work, but it's what you have got to do, it's following the guidelines that have been put in place.

"We've got to give the customers confidence that they can come in and shop with us and be safe. They're not going to be relaxed if they don't think you're taking the necessary protections."