Our guide to all the soap action, week beginning Saturday, June 27

Au Revoir Johnny?

Coronation Street (ITV)

Jenny returns alone from France, where Johnny has decided to stay, and is stunned to find out the news about Oliver; he has an incurable form of mitochondrial disease.

The little boy's parents are also struggling to deal with the terrible news, and when Simon overhears a distraught Leanne tell Steve that Oliver is all she ever wanted, he decides to stay with his dad.

Toyah and Imran are told they have a good chance of being accepted as foster parents, but because of Oliver they decide to put their plans on hold.

Alina tells Seb that she's not happy sneaking about behind Emma's back and would appreciate it if he didn't ask her out again. About time somebody did. Poor Emma.

Fiz and Tyrone are terrified at the thought they are turning into Jack and Vera, so they plan a romantic date night. And Evelyn is irritated that Roy and Arthur have a shared love of steam trains.

Who's Watching Andrea?

Emmerdale (ITV)

Andrea is hiding at a hotel, but when a police officer arrives, she assures them she is safe and well.

At Home Farm, Jamie despairs when the police tell him they have found Andrea and Millie, but cannot reveal their whereabouts. Before long Leyla receives a call from Andrea and goes to meet her at the hostelry, but as she drives away we see a mystery figure watching her.

Meanwhile, Will suggests to Harriet they meet the bishop to fix a date for the wedding, but she is all of a dither, which leaves him puzzled. After admitting to Laurel that she has reservations about marrying Will, she tells Malone that she doesn't want him around any more, but he's not going anywhere, which leaves her feeling both threatened and excited.

Lydia suggests organising a fundraising event, but when Paul offers his help, she wonders if Mandy still has feelings for him. And when Ricky flirts with Moira, she enjoys the attention, and Cain is gutted to hear she is developing interests in other people.

The Drugs Don't Work

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Jordan is relieved when Leela admits that she doesn't think it's the right time to come clean about their relationship.

However, an argument ensues when Sid blames Jordan for what happened at school. Then, while helping Leela search the house for any more drugs, Peri finds Jordan's stash.

Later, panicking after Sienna makes her feel bad for letting Sid down, Leela reveals she's bought Jordan a car, and asks him to move out.

James wants Juliet to come home, so Marnie slips her a note asking her to meet them.

And if you ever wondered what would push Tony over the edge, the answer is dissing his bread. Diane is stunned at Tony's anger when he catches Edward in the Hutch kitchen. He blows his top again when James criticises his bruschetta.

And while James is smug when he realises John Paul ditched George for him, Sienna panics when a doctor asks her for a meeting, but tells Warren she's fine.

Hello, Goodbye Emmett

Neighbours (Channel 5)

Aaron decides to write a letter of complaint about the intrusive questions at the fostering interview. Eventually he and David abandon any hope of becoming foster parents, but then a phone call changes their lives.

The duo are stunned to meet their first foster child, and although 13-year-old Emmett is far older than they requested, Aaron and David agree to take him on a temporary basis. Trouble is a hurt Emmett realises he's older than the dads expected, and does a runner.

Dee is befriended by a prison guard named Owen, unaware that he has a secret agenda. After discovering Dee has called off her search for her dad, Toadie asks his private detective to do some searching. Eventually Dee walks into the trap that Owen and Andrea have set for her.

Sheila is far from happy about Kyle's liaison with Roxy, so she takes steps to keep them apart. Terese is horrified by a new book ahead of the Lassiter's writers' festival, and while doing work experience with Toadie, Mackenzie spies some documents that she was not supposed to see.

Father and Farther Away

Home and Away (Channel 4)

While Ryder continues to keep his father at a distance, Roo learns that the reason for Evan's return - he's dying.

Later, Alf loses his cool when he sees Roo and Evan arguing. Ryder decides to give Evan a second chance, but Roo is miffed that Evan has not told him about his condition.

As the Parata brothers clash in their new home, Gemma is forced to act as peacekeeper. During the Paratas' garden party, Ari and Tane almost come to blows over Mackenzie.

While Marilyn struggles with an empty nest, Alf and Martha return.

Aware that Maggie is having a hard time coping, Ziggy decides to move back home, which hurts Dean in the process. Maggie is still feeling awkward in Ben's presence, so she decides to spend some time out of town with Coco. She soon realises that Ziggy is giving up too much, and tells her to stay with Dean.

When Jasmine has retreated into isolation, Willow asks Colby for help in persuading her to open up.