A GROUP to bring anti-racist campaigners from the Hexham area together has been set up online.

Hexham Against Racism - Action Group was set up by residents following a post on Facebook group Hexham Matters that called for a Black Lives Matter protest in the town.

The post, which was later deleted, attracted more than 1,000 comments and caused countless disagreements.

Hexham Against Racism - Action Group was set up to organise local events, and facilitate discussion to the ends of supporting racial equality and justice in the Hexham constituency.

The founder, Sophie Pasola, said:"There are many vibrant and active online communities throughout Northumberland where local matters are productively discussed.

"I noticed that there was a need for an online space dedicated for the important local conversation regarding racial injustice and inequality.

"While I do not consider myself an authority or spokesperson, I thought it was time that such a platform was made to facilitate these discussions and organise action.

"While Hexham is a less racially diverse constituency than many, I strongly believe that local organisation is powerful way to -affect change and progress to better our communities. I hope to see an increasingly diverse array of voices using and leading the group towards these aims. Many constituents have voiced their support for peaceful local action to highlight and redress racial inequality and injustice in the UK and this is currently in discussion. //