A POPULAR fashion boutique store in Corbridge has announced its closure.

The Norma James of Corbridge store on the village's Main Street announced its closure on its Facebook page on Thursday night.

Its owners said in a statement that the store was due to be sold, but that fell through due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"May we thank all our customers who have supported us, we have had lots of fun offering ladies a range of clothes and putting a smile on their faces," the statement read.

"A special mention to our regulars who seem to shop until they drop it has been a pleasure to serve you for the last 12 years. Hopefully we will still see you around the village when the shop closes."

The shop expanded from a specialist occasion wear shop into an emporium of fashion since opening in 1970.

Norma and Allan Foster, the original owners, retired in 2009, and the store was taken over by Noreen Crompton.

The Corbridge store will remain open until all the stock and fixtures and fittings have been sold.

The statement added: "May we wish everyone all the best for the future.We really appreciate all the support everyone has given us during our time at the shop."