A PLANNING appeal relating to a controversial access to a caravan site has been quashed by the Planning Inspectorate.

The decision marked a victory for residents of Lowgate who were vehemently opposed to any further development at Heathergate Country Park.

The access road had been in place to allow work to be carried out at the site, but applicant Blue Sky Resorts requested permission for a further 12 months to allow for the delivery of caravans.

The applicant appealed against Northumberland County Council’s refusal of the application in October.

The Planning Inspectorate found that the development would encroach on the countryside, and would be inappropriate for the green belt.

In her decision notice, inspector Alison Scott wrote: “The track appears to be largely unmade with perceptible ruts within the ground.

“In its present form, the condition, scale, and its curved layout that results in the field appearing uncharacteristically divided up, has a harmful effect on the character and appearance of the area.

“The continued harm to the character and appearance of the area would be unacceptable.”