A DELIVERY driver has been banned from driving for three years after he crashed into a HGV on the A69 while over the limit with three drugs.

Stuart Thomson, of Sunnyside Drive, in Glasgow, pulled out on to the A69 near Bardon Mill and straight into the path of a lorry in July last year.

A court heard how Thomson’s vehicle crashed into the HGV despite its driver sounding the horn, braking and swerving into the opposite carriageway.

The 27-year-old passed a roadside breath test for alcohol after emergency services were called, but failed a test for drugs.

A blood sample later confirmed he was over the limit for cocaine, cannabis and ecstasy.

Thomson admitted taking cocaine the previous night, but couldn’t remember taking ecstasy, a court was told.

A warrant was issued for Thomson’s arrest after he failed to attend North Tyneside Magistrates’ Court in December last year.

But he was detained by police this week and appeared in court by video link from a police station.

Thomson pleaded guilty to three counts of driving while over the drug limit and was fined £360 and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £36 victim surcharge.