WITH playgrounds and leisure centres across the country still closed to the public, two adventurous schoolchildren have set out to create their own fun.

Inspired by the trend of geocaching, Callie (6) and Aidan Thompson (9) have planted more than 10 treasure boxes around Hexham for other children to find and enjoy.

Geocaching, although similar to a traditional, outdoor treasure hunt, uses GPS tracking and digital technology to guide users to hidden treasure in their locality.

However, Aidan, a pupil at Hexham First School, was quick to notice that there wasn’t many geocaching apps up for grabs for youngsters in Tynedale.

And so along with sister Callie, the siblings have hidden 14 of their own treasure boxes in and around the East End of Hexham, as well as in Swallowship Woods and on the Sele.

“It’s been fun and it’s good that me and my friends can exercise”, said Aidan.

The boxes are filled with party bag style treats, including sweets and art equipment.

Mum Ashley Harris explained that the family had shared their progress with other children, using Hexham First School’s website as a platform.

And the children were delighted to see a social media post on Hexham Matters of a local girl clutching her treasure.

“I am happy that I am making my friends and others happy," said Callie.

Anyone who finds a box is encouraged to take out an item or take the whole box home. The family then ask that people refill the box and hide it for another child to find.

“It makes me and John, their dad, proud that they came up with idea and that they thought about making others happy, especially during lockdown”, said Ashley.