ONE of the more unexpected parts of lockdown has been the prevalence of some rather unusual home haircuts.

Men in particular have been sporting dodgy fades, wild wavy locks and - possibly a sign things haven’t gone to plan - the shaved head.

In response, Susan Wray, who runs the mobile Barber Bus, loaned out her clippers to budding barbers in Hexham.

The £5 fee was then donated to the West Northumberland Foodbank, with Susan raising £110.

She said: “ I can’t work during lockdown and have my partner and two sons at home all day so our shopping bill was much greater. So I thought in these hard times I would donate the money from loaning my clippers out to the food bank.

“Customers saved having to buy a pair clippers probably only used in lockdown, while the food bank benefited too. It was a win win”