FURTHER plans to transform a rural village pub into a central community facility have been revealed.

The Gun Inn pub in Ridsdale was purchased by the resident-led Ridsdale Community Group last month after raising near to £240,000 as part of its ‘Pub On A Thread’ campaign.

After relaunching its campaign under the name ‘Mission to be the Best Community Pub in England’, the group has produced a plan of the pub’s proposed facilities designed to benefit the community.

These include providing a GP outreach service, which would allow health care professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat rural or isolated patients in remote areas using telecommunications technology.

The community group has identified other award-winning community pubs throughout the UK as inspiration for the potential of the Gun Inn.

An outdoor ‘green gym’ and community allotments scheme have also been proposed where volunteers would be guided in practical activities such as planting trees, sowing meadows and establishing wildlife ponds with the emphasis is on health and fitness.

The promotion of local food in the pub and cafe was seen as an important aspect of the pub’s plans due to the high number of tourists who visit the local area throughout the year.

The plan proposes sales of barbecues, fresh fish and vegetable deliveries. There are also plans for an onsite drying room facility with laundrette for walkers, cyclists, holiday cottage visitors.

An instalment of electric car charging points was included alongside local recycling collection.

“Everyone is delighted that we have been able to complete the purchase and looking forward to getting it open,” said group member John Bassett.