A POPULAR skatepark in Hexham town centre is set to re-open to the public on Friday afternoon.

The facility, on the Sele, was fenced off two weeks ago because of concerns relating to social distancing.

But Hexham Town Council confirmed that it would re-open with prominent notices outlining government guidance on Covid-19 safety.

In addition, the number of people allowed to use the skatepark at any one time will be restricted to six.

The mayor of Hexham, Coun. Bob Hull, said: "Things have moved on and we are seeing more amenities opening up.

"That being said, we're still in the midst of a pandemic, and safety has to be the main priority.

"We want people to enjoy the skatepark, and we want them to use it safely and responsibly."

Coun. Hull said the fence would be taken down towards the end of the week, but the skatepark would be available from Friday afternoon.

Last month, skatepark users claimed they had been using the facility responsibly, but said there had been a problem with people congregating nearby.

Coun. Hull said that the police would be monitoring the area, which is with popular dog walkers and other members of the public.

He added: "We look forward to seeing the skatepark back in use, with people making the most of it while keeping safe and adhering to the regulations."