ONE of the district's schools has revealed how its children are embracing change during the coronavirus pandemic.

St Matthew's Catholic Primary in Prudhoe was one of many schools across the district which welcomed back youngsters in nursery, reception, Year 1, and Year 6, on June 1.

Parents were not obliged to send their children back, with some raising concerns over the risk of contracting Covid-19.

But Martin Gray, headteacher at St Matthews, said: "It has gone as well as we could have expected. Young children are often more resilient and open to change than grown ups."

Just over 30 pupils are currently attending St Matthews, with restricted year groups returning to join the children of key workers, who have attended school throughout the lockdown period.

Prior to June 1, St Matthews published an informative video which demonstrated how social distancing and other safety measures would work.

Children have been allocated their own building blocks and other toys, to avoid contamination, and have enjoyed playing outdoors within the regulations. The school closes on Wednesdays for a deep clean.